1400 renderings of Paris architecture before Baron Haussmann (1894)

Maison de la Brinvilliers rue de Bièvre, by Jules-Adolphe Chauvet Maison de la Brinvilliers rue de Bièvre by Jules-Adolphe Chauvet Over 1400 renderings of Paris street scenes from the late 1800s by the artist Jules Adolphe Chauvet can be seen at the Bibliotheque nationale de France. This body of work accidentally documents some of the buildings that were demolished by the urban development plans of Baron Haussmann. Description and more images from Bibliodyssey.
Rue St Louis en l'Isle n° 10

Check out Google maps for 10-12 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île to see how these exact same doors look now, about 120 years after Chauvet made his drawing.
3 rue du Plâtre, démoli en 1882 : 3e Arrondissement
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